Listen To Chevalier Avant Garde’s Debut Album

“Heterotopias” will go on sale 11th June through deBonton

When they started to catch our eye with their first songs, we knew little about Chevalier Avant Garde. We thought that they were Canadian, but they aren’t. Chevalier Avant Garde are Dimitri and Filip, two European expats who are trying to make their way in Montreal. After a few years sharing their taste for aged mustards, pickles, and Asagio cheese, drinking a lot and listening to plenty of vintage dance music on the former’s sound equipment, the duo started to create their own songs - distilling a dark, synthetic sound, liberally influenced by cold wave.

Now we have news that their debut album, “Heterotopias”, will be put on sale by deBonton on 11th June. On it, we can expect to find a thousand and one references to 80s music, with nods to the most accessible synth-pop (“ Young”), incredibly minimalist pieces (“ Red Sea”), and strict cold wave (“ Loss”).


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