Listen To All Of Best Coast's “The Only Place”

Cosentino's second album is due out on 15th May

Next week, Mexican Summer is releasing the second album by Best Coast, “The Only Place”, without a doubt one of the most anticipated albums of the season in that part of the indie realm that likes its melodies clear, its songs friendly and not too complicated. Today, the label and NPR are offering up the LP as an online stream. A quick listen tells you that the producer, Jon Brion, chose to polish Bethany Cosentino's sound. A large part of the lo-fi charm of her previous productions has made way for a clearer sound, especially brilliant, in the most literal sense of the word, on the new version of “ Up All Night”. Another notable thing is the fact that there are fewer surf-pop hits, though we don't think it will affect the idolatry some people have for the “real California girl”.

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