Listen To Geoff Barrow And Ben Salisbury’s Album Inspired By The Hero Judge Dredd

In addition to the digital edition, you can also get the special “DROKK” box

We suppose that green with envy over not having been called to participate in the soundtrack for “Drive” (a soundtrack that he will release himself on vinyl at the end of May on his label Invada Records), Geoff Barrow - the brain behind Postishead, Beak> and Quakers - decided to join forces with Ben Salisbury to create DROKK” . This is the name of an album intended as a sort of soundtrack for an imaginary film inspired by the fictitious city-state of Mega-City One and the figure of Judge Dredd, the comic-book character created at the end of the 70s by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. The album, created using almost solely sounds taken from an Oberhiem 2 Voice synthesizer, will see the light of day in a physical format in early May (the more sybaritic of you should watch out for the special edition, limited to 400 copies, which includes a CD, two 10’’ records, a t-shirt, and an exclusive case shaped like a film canister). A few days before its arrival in the shops, DROKK” can now be heard on the project’s Bandcamp site.

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