Hardly Art Invites You To Try A Taste Of Fergus And Geronimo’s Second Album

“Funk Was The State Of Affairs” is a blend of krautrock, soul and dance rock

On 7th August, Fergus and Geronimo are about to release their second album, “ Funk Was The State Of Affairs” on Hardly Art, with a clear goal: to distance themselves from their origins and offer a work that is heard as a complete, cohesive declaration. In other words, it is an album in the true sense of the word, without those two or three obligatory singles that stand out above the rest and eclipse it. From the label, they describe the work as unpredictable, with lyrics that deal with subjects ranging from aliens to the Roman Empire, including technology and intergalactic flirting. Here you will find everything from krautrock to soul, including dance rock, all concentrated into a blend that small doses of improvisation. Listen to it yourself after the jump.

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