Hannah Cohen Lets Us Listen To Her “Child Bride” In Its Entirety

The former model puts out her debut LP, an afflicted folk-pop album

Bella Union’s new bet for the 2012 spring/summer season has a name: Hannah Cohen. Not too long ago, she was the muse of prestigious photographers like Terry Richardson, also designing album covers and videos for friends. But she soon became involved in the New York music scene, a world that drew her in and led her to compose her own music. She learned on her own, although she had plenty of friends who were known on the music scene. After weeks shut up alone with her guitar and a notebook where she wrote her songs down, she emerged with this debut album, “Child Bride”, a delicate, afflicted folk-pop songbook in which reflections on love and loneliness abound. Courtesy of 3voor12, the album can now be heard from beginning to end. The LP will reach the shops this week.

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