Exitmusic Let You Listen To Their Debut Album

“Passage” will reach the shops via Secretly Canadian in the last week of May

Although it’s still two weeks until it goes on sale (it will be available in the shops from the 22nd May), Secretly Canadian and NPR offer us the stream of the debut album by Exitmusic from today. The New York duo is made up of actress Aleksa Palladino and musician Devon Church. As could be sensed from the first advance, it seems that the duo has shifted in “Passage” from a serene dream-pop with crystalline tones towards another version of the same idea. It is more epic, with pyrotechnical airs, more congested and dark. With Palladino’s affected, intense voice very present in the foreground, it is far from the delicate suggestive power that they offered in cuts like “ The Hours”. Time and further listening will tell us whether the change suits them or not.


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