An Exclusive Chance To Listen To “Ejection”, Milano’s New Release For Turbo

The mysterious producer delivers a vibrant slice of hard techno on Tiga’s label

There are many producers listed under the name Milano in the Discogs oracle, but the only real one is the first: a mysterious man who started to put out his first releases and remixes in 2001 and who - around about 2009, after a long hiatus in his musical activity - came to land at the Turbo label with reworks for Zombie Nation and Zoo Brazil & Adam Sky, putting out his debut EP in 2011, “The Fall”. Now, Milano has prepared his follow-up to that powerful display of techno, a new 12” titled “Ejection” that Turbo will put on sale this week. Here you have an exclusive opportunity to listen to it in its entirety, and also to read a few of Milano’s answers to our questions. The truth is that he remains hidden behind his mask, impermeable in his mystery.

For those who are not familiar with your work, who is Milano?

Milanois a DJ and Producer of raw house and techno. He has many skill sets including patching modular synths, spinning on three vinyl decks and programming computers. When he performs you can see these skills and more come together in a harmonious way.

You're quite a veteran. How have you seen your work evolve in the last decade until this new EP?

This EP was recorded some time ago and mastered now. I work in a completely nonlinear fashion. I'm at a stage where I'm pulling from then and mixing now.

You've been around Turbo for a while. Why haven't you released more here?

I'm not one to rush.

What's your perfect idea of energy display in a club?

Comfortable tension with uneasy release.

Please define the meaning of techno for you.

Man and Machine creating high-energy electronic sounds that boom a sound system and make you dance.

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