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“World, You Need A Change of Mind” is one of the most anticipated albums of early 2012

The debut album by Briton Adam Bainbridge, alias Kindness, is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated albums of this first quarter. He’s only just begun and already people are comparing him to icons like Prince and Arthur Russell. Over the top? Probably. But that doesn't mean World, You Need A Change of Mind” isn't a captivating piece of funky pop - drinking from the well of leftfield disco – with a contemporary shine.

Slips aside (“ Anyone Can Fall In Love”, “ That's Alright”), the record is a collection of tasty songs in the most desolate margins of hedonism and the most romantic side of escapism. From the synthetic dreaminess of “ Swingin' Party” to the infectious funk guitars of “ Gee Up” and the delicate sophistication of “ Bombastic”, it’s full of heartbroken compositions, sharply produced by Philippe Zdar (who makes them catchy in spite of everything). This dance sound, between sorrow and seduction, is the main attraction on an album that seems destined to be important this year. The LP will be out on 19th March via Female Energy/ Polydor; listen to it below.

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