Dean Blunt Shares “The Narcissit II”

Listen to the new solo delivery from half of Hype Williams

Yesterday, “ The Narcissist II” surfaced, the third solo effort by Dean Blunt. In the vein of the first episode, on “ The Narcissit” - self-released on CD-R last December - the male half of Hype Williams continues to explore new pop sounds as seen from his own, unique viewpoint. Combining dissonant synths, several different kinds of samples and his bewildered voice, he has manufactured a collection of tracks that are among the most accessible (in his own twisted way), pieces he has ever done. The highlight of the release is the delicate and emotional “ Choice of a New Generation” (also known as “ Track 2”), on which Inga Copeland collaborates and which could show the way of “ Black Is Beautiful”, Hype Williams's new album. The latter will be out on 16th April via Hyperdub. For now, you can download “The Narcissit II” here.

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