Allo Darlin’ Lets You Listen To Their Second Album, “Europe”

Slumberland will put it in the shops on 1st May

If you are one of those people who like sweet, candid indie pop - such as early Belle and Sebastian - you are probably in the know about the musical activities of Allo Darlin’, a London quartet headed by Australian singer and composer Elizabeth Morris. On 1st May Slumberland Records will put their second album, “Europe”, in the shops, which we can now hear streaming from beginning to end. What you will find are ten perfectly polished, jovial pop pieces. But you shouldn’t be confused by its good nature, as the band itself assures us that the LP “reflects the changes in the world since their debut in 2009 – with riots and protests across the globe and a deepening feeling of gloom, a carefree album didn’t seem appropriate.”

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