Chromatics Give Away An Alternative Version Of Their Latest Album

Download “Kill For Love (Drumless Version)”

Is the rhythm a fundamental part of the music on the latest Chromatics album? Some would say yes, others no. Though maybe the question should be rephrased, after listening to the new version without drums of their recent and brilliant “ Kill For Love” (Italians Do It Better, 2012). Johnny Jewel had the wonderful idea of eliminating all percussion from their new songs, and the result can be downloaded here.

In the words of Jewel himself, the new version consists of " 11 tracks, because some of the tracks don't have drums to begin with. It's all the pop songs without drums... I think people will have a lot of fun with it because everyone keeps remixing 'Birds of Paradise' because there were no drums on it... I also mastered an instrumental version of the entire album. I always master multiple versions in case I want to collage or edit them later. I was really liking the way the vocal mixes sounded with no drums and I think that the drums on the album are so heavy, that it's interesting to hear the record as this almost-empty, almost-a cappella kind of thing."

As said, download “Kill For Love (Drumless Version)” here.

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