Calvin Harris Lets You Listen To A Stream Of His Coming Album, “18 Months”

The album officially goes on sale this 29th October in Europe through Roc Nation and Columbia

Although we’ve been hearing songs over the last year like “ Bounce” from Kelis, “ Feel So Close” and “ Let’s Go” along with Ne-Yo, it’s not until now that Calvin Harris has decided to put them together into his third studio album. Under the name “18 Months”, the Brit once again finds himself like a fish in water with festive dance music, a collection of songs that will have people with more popular tastes working up a sweat on dance floors everywhere. As was to be expected, super hits like Rihanna’s “ We Found Love” were invited to the party, and that recent “ Sweet Nothing” where Florence Welch really let her hair down. It doesn’t officially go on sale until 29th October (in Europe Roc Nation/Columbia is releasing it), but good old Calvin is already letting you listen to it from beginning to end on his official website.

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