San Miguel Primavera Sound On Your Mobile

PlayGround starts a photo contest with the Barcelona festival

Do you use your mobile to take pictures of everything around you every day? Do you like to eternalise the curious or especially significant moments in your life? Well, if on top of that you're going to San Miguel Primavera Sound, you can get even more out your habit.

PlayGround is starting a new contest called 'San Miguel Primavera Sound On Your Cell Phone'. The idea is simple: we invite you to take photos at the event in Barcelona with your phone’s camera and send them to us. From all the photos we receive, PlayGround and Fundació Foto Colectania will pick two winners. The makers of the photos will win a photo camera, courtesy of Chandal. Easy, right?

PlayGround's favourite will get a Neingrenze 5000T Tilt Camera, the first digital compact camera with integrated 'tilt lens', valued at more than 100 euros. The other prize is granted by Fundació Foto Colectania, a non-profit organisation that wants to promote photography through expositions, activities, catalogues and the distribution of their own collection of over 3000 modern Spanish and Portuguese photographs. Their favourite photo will win a classic Polaroid Extreme 600 camera.

How to send us your photos? If you use Instagram, when taking the photo you should tag it with #SMPSmovil and send it to , stating your full name. If you don't use Instagram, send your images to stating your full name.

The contest will start on 31st May and will last until Sunday 3rd June at midnight. The best photos will be shown on our website and flickr page. The names of the two winners will be announced on 13th June.

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