New Build Against The Illnesses Of The Soul

We are raffling off EPs in a USB stick shaped like a pill

At the beginning of March, Al Doyle, Felix Martin (both members of Hot Chip) and Tom Hopkins brought out their first album as New Build, “Yesterday Was Lived & Lost”, on their own label, Lanark (you are still in time to listen to the whole thing here). Opening the album was “Medication”, a song that was sort of cross between Peter Gabriel and LCD Soundsystem that came out as a single a couple of weeks ago, for Record Store Day, in a new mix with a more disco air, in a very special format. Doing justice to its title, the song was offered closed in a 2GB USB stick shaped like a capsule, backed up by a live take and remixes done by Planningtorick, Dominik Eulberg, Juju & Jordash and Sam Lawlor.

Courtesy of the label, today we will give three of these EPs shaped like capsules to our readers. To participate in our raffle you have to do one of two things: you can share this news on Twitter, or you can look for it in a few minutes on our Facebook page and click on “I like it”. Either way, you then have to send us an email confirming this action and your contact information to the address In the subject, you must specify “New Build Pills, The Best Thing Against The Loneliness Of Feeling Unloved”. Good luck.

“When you're alone / And you're feeling terrified / Try some medication”.

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