Zola Jesus

Listen to “Conatus”, her new album

We can now listen to Zola Jesus’ upcoming release, “Conatus”, in full; thanks to Souterrain Transmissions and The Guardian. After a quick listen we can confirm that the intoxicating charm of Nika Roza Danilova is still intact (thanks to that seductive, golden voice she's blessed with), and that she's chosen more accessible songs this time. They are somewhat less visceral than the ones on “Stridulum II” (Sacred Bones, 2010) and other previous releases; sometimes dancefloor-oriented, like “Shivers”. In the British newspaper, the young princess of dark pop comments on every track and says that at one point during the recording, she considered making the album strictly instrumental, that she wrote “Vessel” in 30 minutes and that “Seekir” could be her best attempt at writing the perfect pop song. Souterrain Transmissions will release the album in Europe on the 26th of September..

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