Young Hunting Turn Into Dalhous

Blackest Ever Black will release the Scots’ debut under their new alias

Blackest Ever Black, the holy house of bad vibes headed by Kiran Sande, has informed us of its upcoming title. This time, it will be from old friends of both Raime’s label and of these pages. Edinburgh duo Young Hunting have decided to change their alias to shift to new kinds of sounds under the name Dalhous. Their first work, "Mitchell Heisman", contains two cuts in which Alex Ander and Marc Dall set out their new musical point of view. The physical release, a limited-edition 10" designed by Marc Dall himself, can be pre-ordered already on the Blackest Ever Black website. If you don’t get there in time, you can always get the digital title. The official release date will be set by the record manufacturing process.

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