World Of Wonders Compiles Purple Sound’s Hits

“Purple Legacy - A History of Purple WoW” will arrive at the end of June

The label World Of Wonders - led by Gemmy, under the auspices of Bristol’s Multiverse platform - is preparing the release of “Purple Legacy - A History of Purple WoW”. As you can tell by the title, it is a compilation that seeks to document the blooming of the Purple Sound from 2008 to the present. So far the collection’s entire tracklist has yet to appear, but we already know that among the 15 cuts that it will include, we can find various contributions from the scene’s holy trinity: Joker, Guido and Gemmy himself. As far as the sound goes, you already know what to expect: scaly rhythms, bubbles of G-Funk, a crunk spirit, wonky influences, and an orgy of always phosphorescent synthetic melodies. The release is foreseen for the end of June or early July. For the time being, we leave you here with the classic “ BK 2 The Future” by Gemmy, one of the tracks that will be included in the anthology.

Gemmy - BK 2 The Future

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