Violens Offer Details On Their Second Album, “True”

Slumberland Records is releasing it on 15th May

Though normally an album is announced first - and after that, songs from it are shared as advance tracks - Violens did it the other way around. We knew their second LP was going to be called True”, and that it would be released on Slumberland in May, and we'd already heard two promising advance tracks - but we had no other information on it. Now, we know the better part of it was recorded on the road, in between gigs. It seems that modus operandi made them work more collaboratively. The album shows “the band interacting and reflecting in ways both promising and exciting”. They claim to be influenced by artists from yesterday and today, such as The Chameleons, TFUL 282, Cleaners From Venus, Sonic Youth, Primal Scream, The Zombies and The Beach Boys. It has resulted in the LP turning towards “a more subtle and desaturated sonic landscape. ”. Available May 15th.


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