Vessel Full-Length Debut For Tri Angle

“Order The Noise” will be out in September

Young Bristol producer Vessel already has his debut album for Tri Angle ready. “Order The Noise” is the culmination of some early explorations that started to crystallise on his releases for labels like Left Blank and Astro:Dynamics. It’s a journey that starts from techno and house but twists their codes and corrupts their canons to become innovative, intense and truly unique. As we can hear in “ Court Of Lions”, the first primer single from the album, Vessel’s world is dominated by wild rhythms, icy textures, and truculent atmospheres, creating a sort of controlled chaos that Seb Gainsborough seems to dominate with a masterful hand. Although we still haven’t heard the rest of the album, what the label says seems to suggest that we will find everything from futuristic dub to mystical ambient, including various subversions of club music. The release is expected for the 24th September. We leave you here with the tracklist, the cover, and the chance to listen to the aforementioned “ Court Of Lions”.


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