Twin Shadow’s Second Album

“Confess” will arrive in July on 4AD

A year and a half after the world fell in love with him over Forget (Terrible/4AD, 2010), a surprisingly mature debut album - full of pop songs with synthetic seams and a new wave air, oozing with an unexaggerated romantic emotion calling to mind the 80s - George Lewis Jr. is back with “Confess”. Twin Shadow’s second LP will reach the shops on 9th July (a day later in the U.S.A.) on 4AD. Not many details are known at present except that the album was recorded in Los Angeles, and that part of its inspiration came from Lewis’ feelings regarding a motorcycle accident that he was in some time ago:

As the bike slipped from under us my head filled with words. The slow motion moments of calm just after surprise and just before regret are bliss. I remember in that moment I wanted to say everything to him. How could I say everything in a split second? How could I bury my words in his heart?

You can download the first advance, “ Five Seconds”, using the widget after the jump.

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