Tropic Of Cancer Back With “Permissions Of Love”

Listen to the first advance from the EP

Carmella Lobo and squire Juan Mendez (alias Silent Servant) are back as Tropic Of Cancer with “ Permissions Of Love”, their first broadcast of the year. Unlike their previous releases, this time the EP will be coming to us from the Italian label Mannequin Label. In it we once again find the group’s spectral, taciturn sound, always rooted in the precepts of post-punk and the formal dynamics of cold wave. A dark, distant sound that is nevertheless far from being cold, it holds a heavy dose of nocturnal romanticism and narcotic mysticism. Proof of this is “ The One Left”, in which they once again wrap us in an opiate fog, thanks to the spell emanating from the martial drive of their drum-machines alongside bits of imploring guitars. The EP will be out this coming 28th May in a 12” limited to 500 copies.


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