Traxman Debuts LP

Planet Mu will release “The Mind Of Traxman” in April

Originally from the West Side of Chicago, Cornelius Ferguson, a.k.a. Traxman, is a veteran DJ and producer, who has been active in the city’s ghetto continuum since the mid-90s. A consummate digger, his vast musical culture and studio abilities have made him one of the essential figures of the juke movement, whether in solo work or as a member of the groups Geto DJz and Ghetto Teknitianz. In the wake of his contributions to the compilations “Bangs & Works”, his first long work presents a sound that infuses elements of soul, funk, house and hip-hop, driven by his always-inventive rhythmic patterns. The title of the album is “The Mind Of Traxman”, and it will arrive on the turntables via Planet Mu from 9th April. The impatient can hear fragments of all of the cuts on the album here.

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