Tracklist Of Kreayshawn’s Debut LP Revealed

The album includes contributions from Diplo, 2 Chainz and Kid Cudi, among others

Far away lies the viral success of Gucci Gucci”. Maybe too far away. The thing is that since his million-dollar signing with Columbia, the Sony Music group label, young Kreayshawn hasn’t given us much to be happy about. The retake exam—or the entry exam, depending on how you look at it—is right around the corner. “ Somethin ‘Bout Kreay” will finally be out on 18th September, and its details have just been specified. The album will include thirteen cuts, including productions by Two Stacks, Boys Noize and the ubiquitous Diplo; it promises to display a variety of sound influences (from juke to techno, including Brazilian and Indian music) and will include vocal collaborations from Kid Cudi, V-Nasty, Chippy Nonstop, Sissy Nobby and the up-and-coming 2 Chainz, number one this week on Billboard’s sales charts with her debut “Based on a T.R.U. Story”. Those who want to pre-order can do so here.

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