The Primitives Announce The Arrival Of Their First Album Since 1991

“Echoes And Rhymes” features sixties girl-group covers

After a 17-year hiatus, The Primitives announced their return to the stage in 2009, after they had gotten together for a reunion concert after bassist Steve Dullaghany passed away. Today came the surprising news of a new album, their first since “ Galore” was released in 1991. The record will be called “ Echoes And Rhymes” and is slated for release on 30th April on Elefant Records.

Possibly encouraged by the present girl-group revival, the band, led by PJ Court, decided to record a series of covers of tracks by some obscure bands from the sixties, all led by ladies. According to the label, “they took over these songs with surprising urgency and energy while still managing to salvage the marvellous essence of melodies that were born in the decade that most-cared for such things.”

If you're asking which bands they're revisiting, you'll have to wait a bit, as no further details have been revealed. But the main thing is that in April, The Primitives will be back with new energy and a refreshing brew of garage, psychedelia, soul and summery pop. About time, too.

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