The Latest from Burial, Now Available

Listen here to “Kindred EP”

After two months of uncertainty, Burial’s “Kindred EP” is finally out. The Brit’s first release since his collaborations with Massive Attack and Thom Yorke includes three new compositions dominated by the pillars of his sound: granularity, shadow, emotion, and abstraction based on the constants of the hardcore continuum. Nevertheless, it should also be emphasized that the ethos of cuts like “Loner” and “Ashtray Wasp” show us the more invigorating, hedonistic side of Burial, adapting sequences that border on trance to his particular disjointed framework. In the former, the side of him that is more focused on the dance floor shows up again, by way of a 2-step rhythm that is more robust than usual. The title cut, for its part, brings us back in touch with his mastery of vocal samples, guiding moving siren songs through a sea of sheer rhythms with an insistent near-machine drive.

The EP is already available in digital format from the Hyperdub website, while the vinyl release has been delayed due to a problem with the press. To listen to the three cuts in their entirety, you need only follow this link or hit the players that we’ve left you after the space.



Ashtray Wasp

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