The Juan MacLean

Compilation of rarities on “Everybody Get Close”

After remixing Yoko Ono and Stevie Nicks and delivering an old school house single as Peach Melba, The Juan MacLean returns with a new release on DFA. It's called “Everybody Get Close” and it features material that isn't exactly new, but was hard to get until now. For example, five of the tracks have only previously been released on the EP “Find A Way”, which was only available at some of the band's concerts back in 2008. DJ-Kicks exclusive “Feel So Good” is on the track list as well, as is “When I Am With You”, a Japan-only B-side. The pack is completed with remixes by Holmes Price, Cut Copy and Jee Day. The compilation will be out on the 8th of November on digital only and should be seen as a little pick-me-up while waiting for their third album, which Juan Maclean and Nancy Whang are already working on.

Everybody Get Close (Bonus Track) by CarolineElaineGarner


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