New The Sea And Cake Album At The End Of This Year

Listen to “Harps”, the first advance track from “Runner”

At the end of this year, The Sea And Cake will be back with a new album, “ Runner”, once again on Thrill Jockey. Apparently, the record was initially meant as a complementary piece to its predecessor, “ The Moonlight Butterfly” (Thrill Jockey, 2011), but once they started working on it, using the experimental concepts of that album as a starting point, the piece ended up transforming into something completely new. Songs that started as synthesiser experiments in Sam Prekop's home studio we re-imagined afterwards by the other band members, and eventually recorded and mixed by John McEntire at the Chicago Soma Studios. The final result, according to the label, is like “a private travelogue”.

Thrill Jockey's press release also adds some comments on the album by Sam Prekop. He says that what really inspired him to write the songs for “Runner” was his work for the soundtrack of the film “ Pavilion”. “I was interested in writing songs that started not with guitar but with synthesizer/sequencer ideas. The modular synth parts didn't always make it through to the final recordings, but the influence is still there. The songs were feeling pleasantly out of control and I was hearing music unlike other material I had come up with before.”

Listen to the first advance track from the album below, the suggestive "Harps".

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