Teengirl Fantasy Talk About Their Second Album

“Tracer” will be out in late August on R&S and True Panther Sounds

With the twists and breaks of Motif still bouncing off the walls of our intoxicated brains, R&S revealed some details about the second full-length by Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi as Teengirl Fantasy. Their methods remain the same: they turn on their machines and start improvising over loops and sequences created in real-time, until they come up with something resembling a song. However, their new tracks will be more focused and sophisticated in terms of composition, and therefore less spontaneous. “The editing is more painstaking -- there's more crafting to the songs,” says the duo.

The couple also states that the album, entitled “Tracer”, apart from sounding more focused, will be “far-reaching and it takes more risks.” For instance, unlike “ 7 AM” (True Panther/Merok, 2010), “Tracer” is sample-free. Moreover, the vocals are done by guests like Panda Bear, Romanthony, Laurel Halo and young singer Kelela. The result, a collection of ten positively unstable tracks that draw from techno, house, R&B and pop, will be released on 20th August, on R&S and True Panther Sounds.

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