Taragana Pyjarama Debut LP For Kompakt

“Tipped Bowls” will arrive in June

After debuting last year on Fool House, Danish producer Nick Eriksen, alias Taragana Pyjarama, has signed with Kompakt to release his first full-length work. The album will be titled “Tipped Bowls” and its arrival is planned for 18th June. We still haven’t been able to hear the entire album, but according to what the Cologne label says, it is a “course that challenges genres and breaks down the annals of bass, beats, and beyond”. The album also features collaborations from CHLLNGR and Kicki Halmos.

Specifically, the vocalist Halmos is the co-star on the first advance from the work, “ Growing Forehead”. The track presents an amalgam of crystalline arpeggios with an ambient-pop tendency, whose heady effects provide a perfect entryway into their bubbling sonic vision.

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