Tamaryn Has Her Second Album “Tender New Signs” Ready

Mexican Summer will release it in October

Finally, news from Tamaryn. On 16th October, Mexican Summer will release “Tender New Signs”, the second full-length by the New Zealand singer based in San Francisco. As on her debut, “The Waves” (Mexican Summer, 2010), Tamaryn teamed up with Rex John Shelverton (Vue, Portraits Of Past) to shape the nine songs on the album. The artist promises "stadium-sized guitars, surging with softly-lit, languid melodies and a familiar sense of purpose anchored by Tamaryn's intimate vocal delivery and unmistakable presence."

Furthermore, the sound palette on the LP is said to be broader than on her first. "We like the idea of seeing how far we can take what we have, and we work best together without too many other distractions. The Waves found us in this 'minimal wall of sound,' so we took that style and applied it to these more defined song structures. In making this record, I hoped to transcend the mundane world, by living in a new one of my own creation."

You can listen to the first single taken from it, “ I’m Gone”, after the jump.

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