Sweet Exorcist

Compiled by Warp on “RetroActivity”

While last week it was announced that LFO's “Frequencies” is going to be reissued, we look at Warp's classic catalogue once more. Because the label has revealed that it will put out “RetroActivity”, a compilation of all the material released on the imprint in the early nineties by pioneering project Sweet Exorcist (Richard H. Kirk and Richard Barret). It will be a double CD containing all the tracks from “Testone”, “Clonk” and “CC EP”, the latter being the first album ever released by the British label and a landmark piece in the evolution of the bleep sound. Added to the track list are five unreleased tracks, new mixes and early versions of pieces on the aforementioned titles. All in all, 23 cuts that make for an essential document when it comes to investigating the tectonic movements that shaped the British sound - and that would later mark the whole decade. In stores on the 7th of November.

Testone Jack Jack

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