Strut presents: FAC. DANCE

Rarities from Factory Records

When Tony Wilson, Alan Erasmus and Peter Saville joined forces in 1978 to found Factory Records, they didn't expect the label to have such an influence on pop music, not only in the UK but the world over. Before the Madchester revolution startled the world and The Hacienda became a hedonist temple, Factory Records already had a roster full of tremendously unique personalities way beyond Joy Division and The Happy Mondays. With the objective of paying tribute to all the Factory bands that went on to form part of the small print of musical history, on the 11th of October Strut will release “FAC. DANCE”, a double compilation reflecting the impact the Manchester label has had on the conception of pop and dance music from those days. Featuring artists like New Order, Quando Quango, Swamp Children, Kalima, 52nd Street and essential post-punk names like A Certain Radio and Section 25.

We leave you with one of the gems on “FAC. DANCE”, the New Orderly “Pretenders Of Love” by Shark Vegas, a track that so far has only appeared on the compilation “Young, Popular And Sexy”, released by Factory in the United States in 1987.

Shark Vegas- Pretenders Of Love (FAC. DANCE) by Strut

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