Strut Is Documenting Early British Acid House

“This Ain't Chicago” due out in June

As the good people at Strut say, the early days of Chicago house have been well documented in compilations and all kinds of tributes. But the phenomenon also caused a big stir far beyond the Windy City's borders, forever marking a whole generation of dance music lovers on both sides of the Atlantic. In the UK, the influence was multiplied by the rave explosion, which proved the acid sequences and gaunt rhythms to be the perfect soundtrack for nights of lysergic dance floor passion. Obviously, British producers soon started to develop their own brand of the music coming from the other side of the ocean, and the compilation This Ain't Chicago” collects the classic tracks resulting from it. Selected by veteran DJ and producer Richard Sen (Padded Cell, among others), the tracks featured include work by Bang The Party, Baby Ford, Man With No Name, Static and Bizzarre Inc.. The double CD will be released on 25th June and will feature extensive liner notes on the key clubs, DJs and producers from the British acid house wave. Check out the tracklist to the right of this article.

Baby Ford - Crashing

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