Still Music Reissues “In The Dark (The Soul Of Detroit)”

The compilation comes with an unreleased documentary about the Detroit scene

In 2005, Jerome Derradji's label Still Music unleashed “In The Dark (The Soul Of Detroit)”, a compilation featuring productions by the cream of modern Detroit house, such as Rick Wilhite, Mike Huckaby and Marcellus Pittman. The release was limited and became a collector's item in no time. Now, the Chicago imprint is reissuing the album, with the added bonus of a previously unreleased documentary. “In the Dark: Voices” is a 30-minute piece on the Motor City scene at the time of the original album release, featuring the testimonies and footage of some key figures, such as Ron Trent, DJ 3000 and Wilhite and Huckaby. No release date has been set as of yet, but it looks like “In the Dark (The Soul of Detroit)” will be reissued this spring. For now, we can give you the tracklist, which is basically the same as the original except for a few minor changes.


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