Last Step Brings Us The Sound Of His Dreams With Planet Mu

“Sleep” comes from tracks that Aaron Funk recorded while he was falling asleep

Last Step is one of several aliases used by Aaron Funk, whom you may know as Venetian Snares. His new adventure is called “Sleep” and - as the title suggests - is a collection of compositions that Funk recorded literally while he was falling asleep. He explains: “For a while, when I was really tired and ready to go to bed, instead of going to sleep I would make a tune. Get some stuff going on my sequencers, drum machines, patch up my modular and just jam it. Would fall asleep a lot listening to the sequences, few seconds of sleep or a few minutes, wake up in it. This is what I sound like in my sleep”.

To tell the truth, the album shows a much more peaceful, contemplative side than what we usually hear from him, and even the acid sequences have something soothing about them. The album will arrive this coming 7th May via Planet Mu on both CD and vinyl. Until then, you can listen to it here.

Last Step - Lives With Angel (2007)

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