Space Dimension Controller

The Pathway to Tiraquon6: a generous introduction

Space Dimension Controller's “Temporary Thrillz” remains to this day one of the best releases on R&S since the label's resurrection. A year after its release, young Jack Hamill returns to the crime scene with a new 12”. “The Pathway to Tiraquon6” is an EP, but it might as well be an album. According to the label, despite the fact that the record holds eleven tracks, it should be taken as a prequel to “ Welcome To Mikrosector-50”, the Irish producer's debut album, slated for release in 2012. For now there are just a few preview tracks; but knowing Hamill, it's most likely going to be a new collection of space-funk drenched in astral house. And knowing his talent, it will be brilliant. The release date is set for the 17th of October, we promise to give you more details as soon as they become available. Check the track list to the right.

Transatlantic Landing Bay Kaleidocsopic Ecstasy


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