Software Reissues Early Oneohtrix Point Never Material

The new version of the “Rifts” trilogy will be out in November

At the end of 2009, the label No Fun Productions released “Rifts”, a compilation of a selection of tracks from “Betrayed In The Octagon” (Deception, 2007), “Russian Mind” (No Fun Prod., 2009) and “Zones Without People” (Arbor, 2009); Daniel Lopatin’s first three albums under the alias Oneohtrix Point Never. Based on this release, Software now brings us an extended version that besides including the albums in their entirety, also delves even more deeply into Lopatin’s archives. So as well as various previously-unreleased cuts, the release will include a number of rarities that until now had only been available on cassettes released by labels like NNA Tapes, Utmarken and Catholic Tapes. It will all be released on 5 LPs or 3 CDs. You will be able to get your hands on it starting 19th November.

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