Sleeve Art And Details On The Special Edition Of “Swing Lo Magellan”

Domino will release Dirty Projectors' new album on 9th July

To the right of this article you'll find the tracklist and sleeve art (a photo of what looks like a meeting between David Longstreth, Amber Coffman and a local during their rural holiday in Delaware County, upstate New York) of “ Swing Lo Magellan”, the new album by Dirty Projectors. Furthermore, we can tell you about the special edition of the LP, which will cost 35 euros and looks rather tasty.

The limited edition, with 3000 numbered copies pressed, is a 180-gram vinyl in a deluxe tip-on embossed gatefold sleeve. It will come with an 11" x 22" embossed fold-out lyric tablet and a download code for high fidelity 24bit wav and mp3 files. Besides that, 1000 copies of those will include the “Gun Has No Trigger Tablet Of Values”, which is something like the ultimate single: an 8" x 8" square vinyl single, pressed on tablet thick audiophile-grade vinyl, with "Gun Has No Trigger” on the A-side and a Sumerian Akkadian cuneiform etching of the complete lyrics of the song on the flip.

The album will be out on 9th July on Domino.

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