Simon Scott Presents “Below Sea Level”

The album will be out in May on 12k

British musician and sonic artist Simon Scott has been going strong for over two decades. Apart from being the drummer of Slowdive, between 1990 and 1994, he wrote the music for several films, artistic installations, dance productions and multimedia projects. "Below Sea Level" is his new solo album, his third (not counting mini-albums and collaborative records), and his first on 12k, after an episode with Miasmah. The record was made in the region of Fern, in the east of England, where the work is based conceptually. The LP fuses manipulated digital signals, rough melodies and minimalism with organic textures and field recordings, all in a bubbly, bucolic atmosphere. It will be out on 28th May, with a Scott-penned diary as a bonus, written during the recording sessions. Here we’ll leave you with a first extract.


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