Shed Presents “The Killer”

The German’s new album will arrive this summer on 50 Weapons

After releasing his two previous albums on Ostgut Ton, Berliner Shed has landed at 50 Weapons to bring us “The Killer”, his third long work. The album will bring us 11 cuts that, if we take a look at the tack the German producer’s sound has taken recently, will presumably range between his techno roots and the outpourings of the British hardcore continuum. All of them are previously unreleased except for a new version of “ The Praetorian”, which was already the starring feature of his latest single for Modeselektor. The release of “The Killer” is foreseen for 27th July. Lacking more details and sound advances, we leave you here with the tracklist and the stellar evocation of the aforementioned “ The Praetorian”.

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