Second album for Spoek Mathambo

“Father Creeper” is soon to be released, his first album on Sub Pop

Singer, rapper, producer, occasional DJ and showman; South African Spoek Mathambo is all that and more. A year and a half after “Mshini Wam” (BBE, 2010), Mathambo has his second album ready, “Father Creeper”. An LP with which the self-proclaimed creator of “darkwave township tech” (a mix of electro, booty rap and synth sounds with an African soul) promises to take his particular brand of Afro-futurism to the next level - with abrasive electronic beats, plenty of references to South African culture and sulphuric lyrics spat out in his piercing flow. Musically, the album is more diverse than its predecessor, combining elements from Highlife rock riffs to exuberant melodies. Sub Pop will release it on 13th March, making Nthato Mokgata (his real name) the second rap artist to record for the Seattle label, after Shabazz Palaces.

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