Nico Muhly Has The Second Volume Of His "Drone Trilogy” Ready

As of 16th July, you’ll be able to enjoy the EP “Drones & Viola”

Sound alchemist Nico Muhly has promised us a trilogy of EPs that revolve around the nature of the drone. In May he presented the daring “Drones & Piano” (Bedroom Community, 2012), and now he’s back again, replacing the piano with the constant buzzing of violas, in “Drones & Viola”. As the restless artist says, the result is something like trying to sing with a vacuum cleaner running, but you’ll have to wait until 23rd July to hear it (although you will be able to make your order from the 16th through his Bandcamp). Recorded by Paul Evans and produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson in the Icelandic Greenhouse Studios, the recording will soon be followed up by the release of a third volume.

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