Second Best Coast Album

“The Only Place” due out in May

Her recent flirtations with the fashion world haven't led Bethany Cosentino astray: between designing her clothes for Urban Outfitters, she continued to write songs, squeezing her melodic talent until she came up with eleven new tracks of girl-group punk-pop. They are simple but well-crafted, like the ones that landed her a place on the centre stage of indie, two years ago. Best Coast's second album is ready for release on 15th May, via Mexican Summer. “The Only Place” (another reference to her beloved California) will feature new tracks alongside new versions of songs like “Dreaming My Life Away” (the digital bonus on the single “Make You Mine”) and “Up All Night” (an early version of which was released as a 7” in 2010). The LP was produced by Jon Brion.

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