Saschienne, Sascha Funke’s new adventure

Bringing together pop sensibility and a danceable beat

Saschienne is the project that brings together the creative talents of German Sascha Funke and his wife, singer and player of several instruments, Julienne Dessagne. The couple will release “ Unknown,” the project’s debut album, on March 26th on Kompakt. The sound comes from combining Funke’s clubber sensibility and Dessange’s knowledge of classical piano with intimate pop done in electronic 4/4 time. The result is eight songs with a straightforward spirit, which explore the encounters and failures inherent in any romantic relationship. The release also represents Funke’s return to Kompakt, where he released his debut EP before becoming one of the great bastions of the Bpitch Control label over the course of the last decade. We leave you with the delicate “ Unknown.”

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