Sacred Bones Brings Us New Swedish Synth-Pop Band Lust For Youth

Debut album “Growing Seeds” will be out on 13th November

From Sweden comes Hannes Norrvide, a wizard of the most primitive kind of electronic pop who decided to make music three years ago, inspired by the post-punk bands around him, armed with only a scrappy keyboard he had lying around at home. In 2011, he released a four-track cassette of his project, Lust For Youth, on Posh Isolation, which Hannes recorded in his bedroom. Not entirely happy with that debut, our hero started to work on new material, and rerecording what he had made so far, with a better sound. That's how “Growing Seeds” came about, his first album on Sacred Bones Records, which will be out on 13th November. We leave you with “Behind Curtains” and a preview featuring fragments of the four album tracks.

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