Rush Hour Compiles The Work Of Elbee Bad

A new anthology dedicated to one of the pioneers of New York house

In the wake of the anthology dedicated to the Burrell Brothers, Rush Hour is preparing the release of “ Elbee Bad: The Prince Of Dance Music – The True Story Of House Music”, a new anthology focused on the formative years of New York house, in this case the work of Elbee Bad. His real name is Lamont Dozer, although he proclaimed himself to be “The Prince Of Dance Music”, and Bad started to produce 25 years ago, soon becoming a capital figure on the then-emerging New York underground house scene. In spite of the influence of compositions such as “ Just Don't Stop The Dance”, included on his debut single, his name never really became well-known outside of specialised circles, hence this new appointment with history proposed by Rush Hour, which seems thoroughly necessary in order to understand his real significance.

The compilation includes 12 cuts that originally appeared between the end of the 80s and the early 90s on labels like Nu Groove, Bassment, City Limits, Easy Street, Red Heat or his own platform LaRhon Records, signed with aliases like L.B. Bad or The Prince Of Dance Music. Among them, productions like “ The True Story Of House Music (Body Mechanix Authentic Garage Groove)”, extracted from his EP for Nu Groove, which became a big hit, or the ambient cut “ New Age Of Faith”, which was the undisguised “inspiration” for “ Smokebelch II”, Sabres Of Paradise’s big Balearic, hit stand out.

The release will be out at the beginning of October on a double LP, on CD, and in digital format.

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