Rudi Zygadlo On Planet Mu Again

The Scot delivers “Melpomene”, from his upcoming album

Two years ago, Rudi Zygadlo released his first album on Planet Mu, on which, according to the label, the Scot anticipated the now-established trend of mixing dubstep production with pop song-writing. Now, the producer has his second full-length ready, Tragicomedies”. As an appetiser, Mike Paradinas' label will release the single Melpomene” on 2nd July. The title track is a melodramatic ballad featuring luxurious acoustic instrumentation and gassy production. On B-side Arrows”, Zygadlo's vocals are driven by intricate rhythms and synthesised flashes of plastic textures. The digital version of the release will include a remix of the title track by Paradinas himself, using his µ-Ziq alias. Listen to the outtakes here.

Rudi Zygadlo - Manuscripts Don't Burn (2010)

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