Robert Hampson (Main) Presents “Répercussions”

Editions Mego will release the British experimenter’s second album under his own name

Editions Mego has just announced the release of veteran sound experimenter Robert Hampson’s second album under his own name; you will know him for his illustrious past as the soul of Loop and Main. “Répercusions” brings together three extensive pieces from a variety of sources. The title cut is an acousmatic composition commissioned by the Groupe de Recherches Musicales for a live performance at the 2011 Akousma festival, in which the Brit remoulded recordings of all sorts of percussive instruments (from the piano to the gamelan, including metal grates). “ De la Terre à la Lune”, the second cut, is influenced by the first NASA missions and films like “2001”, and was commissioned by Espace Mendes France and played at a performance at The Planetarium of Poitiers, France. “ Antarctic Ends Here”, was already released by Mego on the 10” split that Hampson shared with Cindytalk, and it is based on drones deriving from the manipulation of a single piano note combined with field recordings of bamboo swaying in the wind. The release will arrive on 12th June on a double compact that includes a DVD with the mix in surround 5.1.

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