Max Richter Recomposes Vivaldi's “Four Seasons”

New chapter of the “Recomposed” series on Deutsche Grammophon

There's a new chapter in the “Recomposed” series on Deutsche Grammophon. The man in charge this time is Max Richter, who recomposed Vivaldi's famous “ Four Seasons”. Unlike the previous volumes, by people like Jimi Tenor, Matthias Arfmann, Matthew Herbert and Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald, Richter didn’t work with the existing material, but has instead done a personal interpretation of Vivaldi's work, with an orchestra. As the British composer explains himself in the video below, he started from his favourite passages from the original scores and built his own vision of the piece. Although it stays true to the spirit of the Italian composer, this vision incorporates some details from a 21st-century point of view, fed by minimalism, post-rock and electronica.

Here we leave you with a small fragment of “ Spring”. The record will come out on 31st August.


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