Ricardo Villalobos And Max Loderbauer Re-imagine Conrad Schnitzler

Their Reinterpretations of “Zug” will be out in May

The increasingly frequent studio interaction between Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer just keeps on giving. After dedicating a double album to the ECM catalogue last year, and releasing a string of remixes, the two have now reinterpreted the illustrious Conrad Schnitzler's “Zug”. Originally released in 1974 on a limited-edition cassette, in 2010 M=Minimal reissued the track on vinyl, including remixes by Pole and Borngräber & Strüver. Now, the German label has commissioned reworks from Villalobos & Loderbauer, who deliver two versions which, like the original, pass the twenty-minute mark. The A-side, Aktion Mix”, is a hypnotic cut for the dance floor, while the Sorgenkind Mix” is spectral, unfathomable dub. The EP will be released on 14th May on vinyl, CD and digital, and is complementary to the Bureau B Schnitzler reissues we told you about a few days back.


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